Spooky Delight: Unveiling the New Furrybones Halloween Collection! - Haiku POP

Greetings, collectors and Halloween enthusiasts! It’s the season of chills and thrills, and we’re thrilled to announce a delightful surprise to make your Halloween celebration spookier and more fun! Meet our newest Furrybones Collection, a fascinating array of skeletons dressed as your favorite Halloween monsters and adorable animals.

Furrybones Figure Collectibles: A Charming Blend of Spooky and Cute:

Furrybones is renowned for its unique and captivating take on skeleton figurines, bringing a whimsical charm to every piece. Our latest collection takes this enchantment to the next level! Witness skeletons taking the form of iconic Halloween monsters, from grinning pumpkins and friendly ghosts to wicked witches and classic vampires.

But that's not all! They also whimsically morph into different animals, offering you a variety of delightful choices to adorn your space. Whether it’s a skeleton snuggled in a panda costume or one flaunting vibrant peacock feathers, each piece is designed to steal your heart with its quirky appeal.

Mini-Monsters Collectible Joy:

The Furrybones Halloween Collection isn’t just another set of collectibles. Each piece tells a story, reflects a personality, and most importantly, embodies the joyful spirit of Halloween. The meticulous detail, vibrant colors, and high-quality materials make every item a treasure worth having.

Miniature Collectible Monsters Perfect for All:

These fantastic pieces are perfect for collectors, Halloween enthusiasts, or anyone looking for unique and eye-catching decor. Place them on your desk, showcase, or gift them to your loved ones; the Furrybones Halloween Collection is designed to spread smiles and bring an aura of mystical fun wherever they go!

Limited Edition Resin Collectibles: Grab Yours Now!

Our new Furrybones Collection is limited in stock, making each piece even more special and sought-after. With Halloween around the corner, there's no better time to get your hands on these delightful collectibles. Add them to your existing collection, start a new one, or gift them to someone special – these Furrybones are waiting to bring joy to your home!

With a heartwarming fusion of spooky and sweet, the Furrybones Halloween Collection is here to captivate hearts and elevate your Halloween decor. Don’t miss the chance to own a piece (or the whole set) of this adorable, quirky, and absolutely irresistible collection. Happy collecting and Happy Halloween!


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